ANALYTHINX established to help companies in their journey of Digital and Advanced Analytics Transformation with a ‘Business outcome focus’ & ‘Technology Agnostic’ approach.
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If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution

Our motto for big data and analytics transformation is KISS – Keep It Simple, Smart. With this motivation, we present structured methodology frameworks for (1) Analytics development lifecycle governance, (2) end-customer life-cycle management through analytics and (3) facilitating autonomous AI abilities for BI teams.

Mimicking SDLC methodology in software development, we structured a framework for developing, automating and productionalizing software products.

► Develop: Data Wrangling, Model Registry by Git, Package Management via Docker
► Automate: Champion/Challenger Evaluation, Periodic Model Retraining
► Consume: Model Score Pipeline Deployment, Model Performance Monitoring

Companies face different problems addressable by analytics throughout the customer lifecycle- activation, onboarding, growth, retention brings their own challenges. Bringing together best practices in different sectors, we schematize action strategies and supporting analytics to cover customer experience end-to-end in the following aspects.

► Connected Data
► Connected Analytics
► Connected Interactions

AI is the new BI! Our state-of-the-art self learning AI product delivers end-to-end machine learning models in SQL. Automated feature engineering procedures and best performing machine learning algorithms- all ready for being deployed in your ETL run. No need for analytic platform foundation and integration, have all your models run in-database.